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Martin Kim   CEO
A Message from Founder

We expose products to real U.S consumers and allow for adjustment to the U.S market. Then, we compare with other similar products currently on the market.


We provide ODM / OEM / Private label products, solutions, and development with our Korean partners and major cosmetics manufacturers.


We promote and perform joint marketing with manufacturers through various U.S. trade exhibitions and our e-commerce.


Gateway for Product Debut and Growth We introduce brands and strengthen their presence as newly established brands in the U.S. market.


We've grownto work closely with 16 Korean cosmetics brands and 4 contract manufacturers. When we first got started, our main task was to maximize the presence of relatively unknown Korean brands - Cosrx, Klairs and A.True - to the U.S. market. Our strength lies in building strong relationships with our partners in Korea. We incorporate our knowledge of the U.S. beauty industry and markets to help introduce their main products. We focus on carefully selected brands and products and we continue to have the same drive and commitment with every single partner today.

  Beauteers in Korea

As Korea is the leading country in manufacturing high quality skincare products, our new office in Korea focuses on providing trustworthy ODM and OEM service, ranging from testing specific ingredients, researching the cosmetic industry and comparing various products for quality control.


Our role in the beauty industry consists of providing a direct line of communication to current and prospective customers regarding our products. ​ Modern consumers are seeking more effective, innovative and higher performance K-Beauty products in the U.S. market. Our main form of communication that connects us to our customers is our e-commerce, one of the most loved K-Beauty cult sites currently operating in the U.S. provides cost effective Korean skincare & cosmetic products that are of high quality, but at a low cost.


In order to effectively market K-Beauty and the brands we carry, increasing the presence of our e-commerce has become one of our top priorities. Below are some of the tools we use in order to market, including but not limited to Google Analytics, various SNS, beauty campaign sites and participating in Ipsy Glam Bag programs.

Blog Marketing

We believe that it is important to maintain a good relationship with the beauty community to further market our e-commerce and K-Beauty. has established a friendly and approachable reputation thanks to beauty bloggers, who have written kind yet honest reviews about our products.


We are developing a new business relationship with one of the leading distributors of general & specialized beauty products. We are tradeshow experts! Over 10 years of tradeshow experience can help businesses construct successful exhibitions. Many Korean brand makers have difficulty introducing their products to the major U.S. Market. Our team is capable of top brand presentation and following up on all necessary preparations to market & promote the products in the U.S.

Media Exposure

We pride ourselves in carrying effective products with proven results. Because others have also witnessed their high performance, our products have been featured and recognized by various magazine and websites. It's not just the products that we carry, but our e-commerce that gets the spotlight as well. We have marketed ourselves by being featured on various media sites and have effectively drawn in new customers.

Collaboration with Ipsy

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service, focused on helping the beauty community discover new products through sampling. The Ipsy glam bag currently has 3 million+ subscribers and a reach of over 55 million followers on their various social media platforms. They offer personailzed products which makes for more targeted promotion and generate higher quality leads. Beauteers has collaborated with Ipsy to bring widespread exposure to new Korean brands looking to break into the U.S market. Some brands we have worked with in the past include BRTC, Secret Key and A.True.




All BeKLYN products are alcohol-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and we make it a point to offer a cleaner disinfecting alternative with the help of an everyday cutting-edge multi-photocatalyst technology that protects your skin and the environment from unwanted dangers.


COSRX is one of the most beloved brand in US market with acne-clearing, oil-controlling ingredients such as AHA, BHA and Centella Asiatica Experience high performance products with result driven ingredients.
the vegan glow

The Vegan Glow

The Vegan Glow is a certified vegan brand that believes in the power of natural ingredients, hypoallergenic formulas, and sustainable packaging.


Aromatic resides at the crossroads of Beauty x Safety. Their brand identity centers on exclusively using clean ingredients along with eco-friendly practices to deliver high quality skin care products for all skin types. Their products are Vegan Society certified, EWG Verified and ECOCERT Certified.
by wishtrend

By Wishtrend

"Ingredients, Formulations and Results" By Wishtrend uses natural and effective ingredients to create the Korean skincare line you always wanted! Green Tea, Mandelic Acid and TECA are some key components in By Wishtrend.


Mixsoon insists on minimalism and ingredient transparency, delivering natural formulas that harness the power of essential simple ingredients and optimal extraction methods to give your skin the pure goodness it needs.
i'm from

I'm From

“Nature as it is, It’s I’M FROM” – with this philosophy, I’M FROM skincare used natural ingredients sourced from all over South Korea to produce high quality products that work for all skin types.


Beplain's gender-neutral philosophy is based on the principle of stress-free clean beauty that utilizes vegan-friendly and EWG-certified ingredients to comfort your skin and mind for a wholesome routine.

One Thing

A minimalist brand rooted in transparency with formulas designed only with ingredients you need to meet the goal of a more sustainable and effective skincare routine.
son & park

Son & Park

Celebrity makeup artists Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun’s Korean look of glowing, dewy skin and natural makeup has become a global trend. Their bestselling product line focuses on perfecting and enhancing the complexion for a youthful radiance and a luminous finish.


A cruelty-free brand formulated with vegan ingredients that caters to sensitive skin. Their motto “Simple but Enough” encourages users to stick with a couple of items that are enough and not overbearing on the skin.


EVERYDAZE is an invigorating K-beauty brand dedicated to cultivating our innermost beauty through energy-boosting formulizations. Be You. Be Present. Be Positive. Be Dazed.